Engineering excellence

You have an option to choose standard components of DME, HASCO, MISUMI or MEAUSBERGER to be used in your moulds. In future they can be directly sourced for replacements.
Even the machining features are standardised for design based on the toolings and fixtures we have on machining centres to save time and maintaining the accuracies.
Durable Modular Inserts
Wear and delicate parts are made with special alloy steels with high-hardness and coatings for long service life. These are made modular to facilitate smart venting and easy replacements on-site when needed.
Efficient Cooling
We do an extensive cooling study for best effects with pressure calculated parallel circuits for thermal balance, and conformal cooling with SLM techniques to follow part geometry.
Smart Lubrication
Lubrication circuits for blind spot sliding elements allow the sliding parts to be lubricated from outside without opening the mould. In case of limitations, we use self-lubricating graphite bushes.
Corrosion Prevention 
Our Intelligent cooling designs ensure water contact only where cooling is required and keep other areas dry to minimise rust. 

Use of Stainless steels prevents rust to an extent with compromised cooling efficiency and the cycle time. Alternatively we use better conductive Alloy steels with special coatings to serve the purpose.

Provisions of Drain slots helps the water to escape caused by the mould sweating to
prevent rust in blind spots.
Designed for Minimal Downtime
Our design facilitates ease of operations for cleaning of vents, nozzle tips for contaminations, and replacements in case of wear without unloading mould.

Cleaning of cooling lines is possible with easy access, thanks to our special designs.
Thoughtfully Designed
Our mould designs are done on machine platen to determine clamping positions and space to accommodate cooling connections. This also ensures the mould is designed for the specific machine with all other specifications.
Special designs allow for easy removal of inserts from mould plates when water-circulated areas rust.
Change parts made easy thanks to our modular designs, allowing you to quickly implement product changeovers.
Our design techniques and knowledge are consolidated through years of experience, customer feedback, and regular health monitoring of supplied moulds.

Process Optimization

Precise process plan for sequencing of tasks helps to ensure the fastest throughput rates. Every part that we make has Standard Operating Procedures.

Our machining centers are equipped with special tooling and fixtures to maximise productivity with minimum set up times to finish jobs faster and with best accuracies based on the standardised designs. We focus to get production efficiency on special machining to be competitive on mould price and delivery time.
Our precision process allows for stack parts to be used interchangeably, which is critical for taper-matched parts, and enables ease of assembly and replacements.
Sub-assembly Checks
To get best results In multi cavity moulds, it’s important to neutralise the cumulative errors. It includes gaps for thermal expansion and compensations for compression forces on injection press.

Regular and periodic machine calibration

World class machines

We know how important it is to invest in the right machines since day one. We make sure your job is done on the best machines in the world.


Best-in-class EDM Machines



Regular and periodic machine calibration

Introducing M Care
An all-inclusive mould consultation and care service for ANY of your existing projects
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Pilot TOols

The first phase of any product development is feasibility study. All our past experience is applied to understand the potential moulding defects, pilot tools play a crucial role.

Pilot tools also influence mould concept design and machining methods for possible improvements. All parameters are established to achieve error-free production tools in one or two trials. Components from pilot tools also allows you to conduct functionality tests for your product like Leak, Drop, Assembly and even Line trials, to improve it before reaching high-volume production.



Dedicated moulding machine for in-house trials