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We handle your tasks to improve the product performance in terms of Aesthetics, Usage/Application, Branding and Weight reduction for economics of production. Here are a few achievements.

Threaded Cap

Existing Process
Part Weight 3.5 g
16 cavity runner mould - unscrewing
Cycle time 23 seconds

Our Process
Part Weight 2.5 g
24 cavity hot runner mould - jump-off
Cycle time 12 seconds

34% higher production
28% lighter
47% faster

Cream Jar

Existing Process
Part Weight 46 g
2-part assembly

Our Process
Part Weight 30 g
3-part assembly

35% weight reduction

Spray Cap

Existing Process
Part Weight 13.5 g
4 cavity runner mould
Cycle time 36 seconds

Our Process
Part Weight 10.5 g
8 cavity hot-runner mould
Cycle time 24 seconds

50% higher production
22% lighter
33% faster

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Your intellectual property is secured, and saved in a controlled environment


Open minded approach for adaptive learning and customisation for your comfort


Passion for mould making

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